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Air Charters Advantages

There are many advantages to chartering a private, island hopper airplane for flights within the Caribbean ... here are just a few:

  • Save precious vacation time with a direct flight ...
    No waiting!

    If your BVI vacation is on the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda, you probably can't wait to get there. Why wait for a flight to Tortola and wait again for a ferry to Virgin Gorda, when Caribbean Wings will happily arrange a nonstop charter flight to the Virgin Gorda airport?
  • Personalized service

    A Caribbean Wings representative will meet your arriving flight at San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, or Antigua airport to guide you through the baggage process, and escort you to the departure gate where your charter plane and pilot will be waiting to whisk you away to the BVI.

  • No strandings!

    Don't risk being stranded in San Juan, St. Maarten, Antigua or St. Thomas! Call us to schedule your flight to the BVI today. Commercial airlines serving the BVI have been known to leave passengers behind or even stranded overnight if incoming flights are late arriving in the islands.

  Stranded by Airline

Stuck in San Juan and your boat is in the BVI? You need wings!!!

Due to weather delays, your San Juan flight has arrived 2 hours late. Your connecting flight to the BVI has departed and there is no space for you group on a later flight today.

Don't let this happen to you! Don't ruin your long-planned BVI vacation. E-mail CARRIBEAN WINGS and arrange a personal charter for you and your crew. We'll be waiting for you, even if you're late—at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

    If your flight is late, we will simply wait for you ... no additional charge!

  • Affordable airfare

    BVI Charter airfares are economically viable & with five or more passengers are often less than air fares available through scheduled airlines serving the British Virgin Islands.

  • Scheduled flight Change?

    If your flight plans or your airline changes its schedule, no problem! Just notify us, Caribbean Wings will change your air charter dates and flight time at no charge!

  • Flight cancellation fees

    If you must cancel your BVI vacation and are able to contact our Tortola office no less than 30 days prior to your flight, there is no charge! Notify us of a cancellation less than 30 days before your flight and your cancellation fee is only 20% of your airfare.

  • Guarantee

    Caribbean Wings Charter Airlines has been serving the British Virgin Islands (BVI) since 1993. We guarantee that your charter flight will be a pleasure! Call our Tortola office to arrange your private air charter today!

Fly the friendly airline with confidence ...
Choose Caribbean Wings Air Charters!



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