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Fly the British Virgin Islands in the comfort and safety of reliable twin engine airplanes. These (proven reliable) airplanes provides seating for up to 8 passengers.

Twin engine Planes at Beef Island Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If we book a BVI air charter flight from San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten or Antigua to Tortola or Virgin Gorda, what will happen if our flight is late arriving?

A. We'll wait for you! No extra charge.

Q. How will we find our plane or pilot upon arrival?

A. We will make every effort to meet your flight upon arrival. However, should we miss you, if flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico, go to Terminal "A" next to the Air Sunshine and Cape Air ticket counters and the pilot will meet you there.

If flying into St. Thomas, have a porter take you to "Gate 10"; our pilot will meet you there.

In St. Maarten, your pilot will meet you in the baggage claim area.

In Antigua, our representative from Port Services will meet your flight upon arrival and will escort you to our airplane.

Q. Once we arrive in San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten or Antigua, how long will it be until our BVI flight to Tortola or Virgin Gorda takes off?

A. As soon as we are sure we have all your bags, your charter flight is set to go! Our pilot or company representative will escort you through security and you will then board the plane immediately.

Q. What deposit is required to book our charter flight?

A. None! We will take your credit card information, but no charges will be applied until 90 days prior to your flight. At 90 days, the full amount owing will be charged to your card.

Q. What is your cancellation Policy?

A. You may cancel anytime with no penalty up until 45 days prior to your charter. If you cancel within 45 days, 50% of your charter fee will be refunded.

Q. What are the average flight times?

A. to Tortola or Virgin Gorda from:

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 40 minutes
St. Maarten - 45 minutes
St. Thomas - 20 minutes
Antigua - 1:10
Anguilla - 40 minutes

Q. What is the safety record for Caribbean Wings - BVI Airlines?

A. Since beginning passenger flight operations in 1983 ... no incidents, no accidents, no injuries!



PalmBVI Phone: 919-523-7094 - FAX: 919-682-6836 Palm
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